With the invention of e-books, the Internet, the pervasiveness of the screens and our limited visits to the library, we tend to forget what the word paper means. Fortunately, there is that free loan system called Bookcrossing, which consists of leaving a book somewhere (a bench, a tree, a lamp post …) to permit other people to read it and once finished, leaving it in another place to keep the chain moving.


How often have we heard that the book culture is dying? In recent years there has been an important drop in the sales of books and a lower rate of visits to the book fairs. Children are less surrounded by books, which have been replaced by video games or computers and the adults prefer to read the news online. But that does not mean that we have lost the pleasure for reading: many people love to read the film adaptations. Books have become disposable consumption objects, in which the person-object relationship is purely functional.

But everything changes, everyone has their own relationship with the books, and we can not set any prototype: some people have the custom of smelling them when they open the first page, sign them, protect them, and so on. Each one values its treasures in their own way.

Also, if you use the public transport, you will notice that many people are immersed in their own universe of paper. Many even stop in the middle of the corridor, disturbing the flow of the public space because they can not stop reading. Sometimes, others forget their stop because of the same reason. A good book captures you, makes you dream and takes you somewhere else! Its powerful avoidance power is such that makes you forget about the rest of the world.

Some prefer not to lend their books, even to their partners or colleagues. Maybe they will never see the lent book again. The personal libraries are presented in all its majesty, because books are often our biggest treasure.

The Argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges said that “one is not getting what one wants, (…) great by what one reads and not by what one writes”. When you read the same book several times in your life you will never feel the same feelings! Reading can change your life: it allows you to write better, to enhance your culture and it strengthens your imagination. Whether it’s a magazine, a comic, a novel or a newspaper… to read is a unique pleasure.

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