Monday, February 22, 2010

Thomas Schütte Reina Sofia Madrid

The Thomas Schütte Exhibition at the Reina Sofía Museum: “Retrospección”

The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid has inaugurated an exhibition of the famous German artist Thomas Schütte. You can enjoy it until May 17th 2010. This is the most complete retrospective dedicated to the artist in Spain.

Thomas Schütte Reina Sofia Madrid

Schütte (Oldenburg, 1954) has been one of the most important German artists of his generation, combining sculpture with painting, until venturing into the architectural world. In the sixties he worked in series with his same name where he examined the human feelings of vulnerability, isolation and despair, always under the most ironic perspective. It was not until the eighties when he became very famous thanks to his architectural models. Schütte’s whole work is imbued with social and political issues. In addition, he is very concerned about the artist’s position in society.

This show will address a journey through his extensive career, allowing the visitors to appreciate the continuous innovation of his work and his amazing evolution over 30 years.
The exhibition – entitled “Retrospección” (retrospection) – takes us through the artist’s early works, while he was still a student, until the most recent ones… This will include installations, watercolours and etchings, photographs and architectural models, and of course, major sculptures such as Women and Dogs.
We are able to see up to 65 works, which will be split between different rooms of the museum, the garden and the cloister…

Despite being world famous for his sculptural works, Schütte began his career as a painter and he was a pupil of Daniel Buren, Gerhard Richter and Blinky Palermo. But later he delved into the fascinating world of sculpture. His works enjoy a maverick and unclassifiable spirit, with a most varied style, form and technique.
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