Tuesday, February 2, 2010

crazy and freaky experiments in the name of science

The craziest scientific experiments

Due to the many scientific investigations, studies, analyses and experiments carried out through history, nowadays we have the possibility to live in a modern and technologically advanced society. The interesting results weren’t only illuminating, but as well just completely crazy. Yes, you heard it right. Let’s leave the formal language apart and be honest: most of the scientists can be very freaky! You don’t believe me? Well, just continue reading, please!


Let’s start with a bit of a macabre experiment (well, basically all of them are quite delicate and not so political correct). In 1924 the doctoral candidate Carney Landis originally wanted to investigate facial expressions of humans, but he used really dramatic methods. After using different methods that got stronger and stronger, starting with chilling jazz music, firecrackers exploding at a distance of 2 metres away to the touching of strange scary things in the darkness, the test persons had to then deal the following situation. A real live mouse was placed in front of them along with a sharp knife. They were then ordered to cut the mouse’s head off! Now, you probably have the same expressions on your face as the test persons had: FRIGHT, HORROR, NAUSEA, SERIOUSNESS, and DESPERATION. Indeed, 15 of the 20 test persons beheaded the poor mice and with this experiment the scientist laid the foundations for the interesting science of obedience. What’s up, still have goose-pimples?

But there are experiments even more macabre. Robert E. Cornish, scientist of the Berkeley University wanted to imitate God in the year 1932 and tried to raise up people from the dead. With this aim, he put the corpse on a kind of seesaw and see-sawed it up and down to stimulate the blood circulation. Well, of course, it isn’t necessary to have passed your doctorate for knowing that this experiment wasn’t successful. But at least there was a horror movie of it made, “Life Returns”, - you can’t get trashier than that!

Talking about resurrections, we can go ahead with another strange experiment: three people called Jesus met in a psychiatric clinic. In 1959 the psychologist Milton Rokeach organized a meeting with three persons that thought they were the Christ for analysing what would happen in such a situation. Well, the results were very simple: one Jesus didn’t believe anything of the other Jesus, and the third Jesus just thought why the hell did he have to talk with those two strange psychopaths. It even came to a fight and the experiment had to be interrupted for safety reasons.

The list of freaky scientific experiments seems to be infinite: investigations about how it feels to hang yourself to the brain control of bulls and the experiments of the sleep-wake rhythm in a little cave isolated from the outside world. Well if the test persons are willing to participate in such experiments, it’s their choice.

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