Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Generational Differences

Bad taste or Generational Differences

Going back to the eighties is something that is commemorated on a regular basis. For some this was a memorable decade, the great 80’s! For others it is a time of questionable aesthetic taste that they hope disappears forever. For these the present is turning into a visual nightmare. The question we should ask is how do we find an objective way to assess the aesthetic taste of a particular generation?

Generational Differences

Given that it is hard to escape from this aesthetic-cultural morass, through which everyone must belong to a particular generation, it seems difficult or almost impossible.

That is why the world is divided between those who jump on the bandwagon and those who don’t. Those who jump on usually do so because they are close to this generation, because they would like to be part of it or because they have not bought any clothes in over two decades.

Those who are anchored in the 80’s aesthetic vision already have their eyes wide open when they have to face the shopping mall crowds, and wonder why there is such a change bringing some to tears or in extreme cases to even pull their hair. For these, it becomes increasingly difficult to find what to buy in popular stores, increasing their anger towards the forefront of the new generation as they feel like misunderstood creatures that will soon become obsolete. But one thing is for sure: it will never with that bad taste!

Although the new generations bashing is a very common attitude in the human race from a certain age, history is not as repetitive as it sounds. Superfluously it seems that the return of every little thing is eternal, but no matter what they say, history does not repeat if you look at it carefully. We find proof of this in the sneakers. These shoes were already worn in the eighties and are now popular again although they have undergone major changes. The colour has increased to the point it seems impossible to find a tonal range of a single product and the combinations are unthinkable. Their shapes have become so far-fetched that it seems difficult to distinguish them from slippers.

This example is just a grain of sand on the beach, perhaps ludicrous and banal, but it could be extrapolated to larger matters.

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