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Do men get married for a second time more than women do?

Do men get hitched for a second time more than women?

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We know that in this century couples do not get married as much as before: now we prefer to live alone or it’s simply harder for us to fall in love. But men are more prone than women to get married after a divorce. Is it because they are unable to endure the loneliness and they need a motherly figure?


It’s hard to imagine it, but it’s the awful truth, men don’t have as much difficulty as women to compromise to a second marriage. A Spanish study reveal that 22% of men become engaged a second time without any hassle. The Sociologists declare that women are usually alone after the divorce because they are usually the ones with the children’s custody. On the other hand, men are usually the ones who leave the nest and refugee in a bachelor pad. Having more free time to dedicate to a new love they have it easier to have a new family, because the biology allows them to have children later. Brad Pitt would be the ideal example, after his break-up with Angelina, he went with his mommy!

Generalizing is never good but sometimes men can be so dependent! men who prefer the solitude, who can cook, do the laundry, clean the house etc. is hard to find but not impossible. Men like this are a real jewel!

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