Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Honey, you smell like a Whopper?

Honey, you smell like a Whopper

Since ancient times, both women and men have used fragrances. The Egyptians created perfumed balms, and were also the first ones to bottle perfume. In both Greek and Roman society, perfume played an important role in the culture of bathing and body care. The ancient Arabs had access to a wide variety of spices and herbs, including Jasmine, and developed the technique of evaporation. Nowadays, the perfume industry moves around billions of dollars. But to keep up with the growing market, you have to be creative and innovative. What do you think of a perfume with a scent of beer, hamburger or sweat?


About a year ago, Burger King launched its own perfume. It was called ‘Flame’ and it is said to combine “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat”. I’m not sure if I would want my husband to smell like a hamburger or barbeque sauce. But if something like Calvin Klein is not manly enough for him, maybe we can try the ‘Eos’ perfume (nicknamed the beer perfume), which is completely co2 neutral. Instead of using petroleum, it is made from the waste products of an organic brewery: rancid beer grains and about 50,000 different types of bacteria. It comes in a male and a female version, but (un) fortunately it doesn’t smell like beer. The male version, however, has a hint of cognac.

How many different perfumes do you use every day? A study conducted in the Netherlands revealed that the average woman uses about 14 different perfumes per day, some woman even up to 20. We use shower cream, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant and hair spray. Also home fragrances become more popular, and during our daily chores we come in contact with a number of perfumes: detergents, soap, etc. This could lead to serious skin allergies. If you want to hold the smell of the perfume longer, it is recommended to use layers: use shower cream, body milk and later perfume with the same scent.

And can be said about the ‘famous’ perfumes? The top 3 best selling perfumes are Chanel No 5 (Every 30 seconds, a bottle is sold), Calvin Klein Eternity and Prada Eau de Toilette. But that’s not what we are talking about. The company ‘My DNA Fragrance’ launched a line of perfumes, made out of the DNA of famous people. They work together with John Reznikoff, who has the biggest collection of celebrity hair locks. The latest perfume is that of Michael Jackson, which is described as a ‘strong scent’. Elvis Presley is a best seller, but also Napoleon and Marilyn Monroe have their own fragrance. Completely bizarre!.

How about you? Spring is coming; it’s a good time to experiment with some new fragrances. Just one month ago Ana Salazar, Portugal’s most renowned fashion designer, launched her new perfume ‘Vintage’. Rent the best apartments in Lisbon, and discover her exclusive shop in the Baixa district.

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