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Love Without Sex

Love without sex, is it possible?

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Nowadays the media is full of sex, sex and…sex. Apparently the society of the 21st century only thinks of the most beautiful thing on earth. But to be honest, we all know that this gabbing on TV doesn’t correspond to reality. Of course there are a lot of people who can’t imagine a life without having sex. On the other side, most of those who are in a long partnership have less sex with their partner. Sex without love is legitimate, but love without sex is apparently very different. What do you think?


Everything seems to be perfect: common interests, harmonious atmosphere, common activities, getting along living together….but no sex. There are a lot of couples where you can really think that they are more like brothers and sisters or best friends than a real couple in love. Although it’s comprehensible that after some years of relationship the sexual desire decreases, but putting a final end under the chapter of your own sexual life is very doubtful. So, is sex really so important in a partnership?

Well, the opinions differ a lot on this question. It is known that sex provides vitality and good humour in a relationship, because uncountable hormones are transmitted during the act of love. Different surveys also show that sex is important for affirmation of masculinity and femininity. However, according to representative studies, only 16% of the enquired persons, say sex is indispensable, while 6% could live without it. But the lack of sex doesn’t necessarily mean that the couple don’t interchange kisses, hugs and cuddling.

The most important thing in a relationship is the feeling of “unity”. To feel completely connected to somebody is like winning the lottery. Of course tensions and problems occur during the relationship, but they only make the relationship stronger. If both partners are ok with not sleeping together (whatever the reasons are) then it’s completely legitimate. But it’s as well an exception. Because often enough it’s only one of the two partners who doesn’t feel sexual desires, while the other one still longs for intimate hours with his or her partner, but due to love he or she demonstrates a 100% understanding for the decision. But be careful! In the long run it could end dramatically, because we all are just human beings with certain instincts and drives….

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