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Population Venice

The Venetians, endangered!

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40 years ago Venice had 120.000 inhabitants. Today, they are less than 60.000. This decrease in the population has signed the “death sentence” of the city. There are no many authentic Venetian as before. This drastic demographic change is explained by the high rents, specially for the young people, so the new generations move to other places…

Population Venice

The Venice Funeral

In November 2009, the movement Venessia.com gathered to celebrate the “Funeral of Venice,” a symbolic act whose primary goal was to warn the population of this serious problem. That same day, DNA samples from about 5,000 Venetians (at least three generations) were collected to study and protect their genetic code. This initiative, dubbed “Venetian Aspiring” gathers signatures, and seeks to arouse the interest of the municipality to provide better life quality for the Venetian inhabitants.

The reasons for the exodus

Every day, the inhabitants of the enchanting Venice faced several challenges: the high rental, the floods, the invasion of pigeons and the rats, the sinking of the city an inch every year… that’s why many of them left for Mestre, a nearby city but they still miss the beauty of the city of canals that many tourists come to appreciate.

Venice, dead?

Even so, Venice is still a top destination for tourists, specially for lovers who jump at the ferry boats and also for those who come for the carnival or the Biennial, etc. If you want to mingle with true Venetian, buy now your tickets to the Italian city. You’ll find a cheap and suitable accommodation renting Apartments in Venice.

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