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The 10 sexiest countries

The 10 sexiest countries are…

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Do you think that the hotter the weather is, the more the hormonal levels rise? That is not far from the truth… Although a study reports that the most ardent country is Greece, which is not as hot as Mexico though it is another destination where it is really hot. Try to guess which the hottest country on the list is: Spain, Russia, China, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Malaysia, Poland and the two that we’ve already mentioned.


10: People here have their first sexual experiences at a very early age (14 years for girls, 15 for boys). In May 2008 the government distributed 700,000 sexual agendas. They try to educate and sensitize the population about condom use. The VIH transmission is still a big problem here. We are talking about Mexico.

9: Switzerland! The prostitution is legal here, so everyone pays their “orgasm taxes”. It is famous for being a neutral country, but it has a clear idea about sex: they always want more and more pleasure.

8: With a delicious cuisine, endless beaches and fascinating monuments we have Spain, everyone knows that the Spanish have been declared the best lovers in the world for their tenderness, their attention, and above all, their sexual success…

7: Malaysia is not as conservative as one might think. They have been debating about incorporating sexual education in their schools and in 2008, the Health Minister had to resign after a homemade sex tape came to light.

6: Finally here come the lovers of the Dolce Vita! Italy. Here sex is omnipresent in everyday life.

5: fifth place goes to Poland. Every year they organize an erotic festival, where the best adult sex toys are sold.

4: Made in China! Here, more than 5,000 sex shops have been opened between 2000 and 2008 and 70% of the sex toys from around the world come from China.

3: Even though they have very cold temperatures, Russia ranks third so they are on the podium with a bronze medal. They need to be heated!

2: With all the thongs and beaches they have along its coast, Brazil is second in the ranking.

1: And finally the winner. The Greeks, of course! It is known that in ancient Greece they used to paint male sex scenes to decorate pottery… so it’s not surprising that they arrive to the twenty-first century as number one!

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