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trousers are banned for french women

Trousers are banned for French Women!

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There is a nineteenth century French law still in force, prohibiting women to wear trousers. Ah, these French, they do not know what to do to make people be interested in them! It is not a joke; this is a law introduced in the French Revolution that has never been abrogated: at that time people could not wear clothes for the opposite sex… Surely it must have been a strategy to please men!

trousers are banned for french women

Are you a French woman that usually wears jeans? That’s illegal! Go directly to the station to get a license because you are not allowed to dress like a man by law. Well, there are two exceptions: if you ride a bike or if you ride a horse, according to two reports in 1892 and 1909. What a cutting-edge law, right? The truth is that until a law is not cancelled, it remains in force.

Men probably think that this law has nothing negative… A pair of gorgeous legs with high heels or boots along with an elegant skirt is just too beautiful. Women, however, think that this law is illegitimate and immature, as old as prehistory and above all, absurd.

French history tells that it was instituted to ensure the protection of the citizens and the nation. Indeed, during the French Revolution, many riots occurred and they all were punished. This law was introduced in order to identify whether it was a man or a woman, and the trousers became a male symbol for identification purposes. So here are the French women, condemned to throw out their jeans and deal with the cold in winter.

You probably know that French women use trousers in their everyday life. No one knows when this law will be cancelled. There was an unsuccessful attempt a few years ago. There are other unusual laws such as one that states you can not call a pig Napoleon…

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