Friday, February 12, 2010

Benefits of Music

The Benefits of Music

When was the last time you took your time to listen exclusively to music? We all have experienced the power that music beholds upon our state of mind, but its properties go beyond people’s imagination.


Listening to our favourite songs could be healthy for the cardiovascular system, according to researchers from University of Maryland (USA), who have proved that lively music has benefits on our blood vessels. But, obviously, each person has his own taste in music, so the thing is to choose our favourite hits, those songs that we love and can’t live without.

The study has confirmed that listening to that kind of music provokes positive emotions, like euphoria, due to the fact that we release endorphins, which come from mind and heart. In such a way working while listening to music stimulates us, uplifts our mood, avoids boredom and helps us work at a steady pace.
On the other hand, sounds and rhythm help adults to control stress, neurosis, mental blocks, depression and music also gives us a connection with the environment.

There are many other benefits that experts also point out: increase in memory, concentration and the release of adrenaline. The recommended music for health improvement is soft music, with gentle rhythms, without shrillness, like classical music, chill-out, bossa nova, jazz or new-age. Musical rhythm has an influence in our cardiac rhythm, so that is why hardcore, punk or heavy music is not recommended if we want to relax body and mind.

Also for babies, music has very miraculous effects. Besides stimulating their brain, increasing numbers of studies have confirmed that children who listen to music tend to be more sensitive to any kind of art and are more expressive in their body language.

So, you know, when you come and book your apartments in Berlin, enjoy every exciting thing that this great city has to offer, but take a moment to listen to your favourite songs to help distress yourself a little bit. Tourist’s life is hard! Your body and mind will be gratefu

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