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Astrology Numerology

Astrology Numerology - What do the numbers predict for you?

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We all seem to have a number that follows us around, don’t we? First, we don’t pay much attention to it then after seeing it everywhere we try to attach some importance to it and find some meaning to it. Why do I often see the same number everywhere I look? Maybe the numerology, (one of many beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things) will reveal to you some things that have gone unnoticed.


Again this number! What does it mean? Maybe it’s because someone is thinking of me, or a warning signal, or an inner spiritual experience, or even telepathy. Who knows? It can not be a coincidence! Some interpret these appearances as codes that reveal things, because the numbers are the embodiment of perfection. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician, is not only known for his theorem, but also as the father of the science of numbers. He said that “The world is built on the power of numbers. The Hindus also considered it a sacred science and the Hebrews linked them with the cosmic forces.

Astrology Numerology tries to make the numbers talk to us. According to this, each one has its own symbolism. It is like tarot, palmistry or astrology: it is a metaphysics “science” that tries to see beyond, to give some meaning to facts and even define someone’s personality. Knowing the date of a person’s birth and his/her full name, you can know his character, his inner world, his destiny, his natural talents and his spiritual challenges.

One of the most common things is to sum up the figures of the date of birth, we take an example: someone who was born on 04/03/1998 will have the number 7 (4 +3 +1 +9 +9 +8 = 34. 3 +4 = 7), a symbol of intellect, of idealism. He will be defined as a lovely person, lover of solitude and the peace and as a perfectionist. Also, if the figures add up to the date of birth to the current year, we can know the numerology meaning of the year for everyone.

What if all this is a superstitious myth? How can a number help me? Maybe it’s just an invention of man to help them in their lives, to give them more strength and more security. The important thing is that you agree with yourself. Numerology meaning may not be an exact science, but it may give us clues. Life is never predictable.

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