Monday, February 15, 2010

Murals in Barcelona

The Mural Art

The Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona invites you to contemplate a contemporary mural art tour from February 19 to the 6th of June. European artists and also international artists from Mauritania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Thailand, Mexico, among others, will present their work in giant format and will offer the viewers a chance to discover the evolution of this art: from the primitive murals to the today’s graffiti…

Murals in Barcelona

The selected artists for the “Murales” (Murals) exhibition will come to Barcelona to create and install their work, a process that will be filmed from the beginning to the end and which can be seen in the last room of the exhibition. A group of women from the Soninke ethnic group, from Mauritania, will be also present to exhibit their traditional paintings. But there will also be recent creations such as the vegetable walls of the Mexican artist Jerónimo Hagerman: you will be able to feel very small next to his huge flowers.

The other artists come from Germany, Singapore, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Great Britain… Each one uses the wall for drawing in very different ways with huge colourful rays, abstract forms, etc.

Being surrounded by great art work that occupies an entire room or an urban space is always a special experience. It is sure thing that they’ll awake many different sensations according to the created environment. The style of each artist will transport you to a different mood.

It is also a chance to escape by looking at the Joan Miró’s immense blue fabric where you can feel the admiration and love he had of nature and detail, and his surreal fantasy. It is also a great opportunity to take a stroll through the gardens of the Foundation and the parks of Montjuïc and enjoy on of Barcelona’s best views. Take advantage of the cultural and visual richness of the Catalan capital and rent Apartments in Barcelona to enjoy a unique stay.

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