Thursday, February 25, 2010

festival art flamenco catalonia

For the first time, Catalonia collects the best figures in today’s Flamenco framework with a series of concerts and shows that will take place until March 6th, in different places of the Catalan region. We are talking about Festival Catalunya Arte Flamenco, which reunites artists of great stature such as Miguel Poveda, José Mercé, Duquende, Enrique Morente and Vicente Amigo, among others.

festival art flamenco catalonia

Outstanding concerts

On March 5th, for instance, you could enjoy seeing the cantaor Duquende’s art, accompanied by bailaora (flamenco dancer) Yolanda Cortés. With only nine years old, the mythical Camarón de la Isla asked Duquende to join him on the stage. While Camarón played the Spanish guitar, the young boy sang, showing everybody the talent of this master of flamenco. The appointment will take place in Teatro Zorrilla of Badalona.

Next day, you can’t miss at all the Enrique Morente recital in Teatre Josep Maria de Segarra, in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. In his last album, “Pablo de Málaga”, Morente sings Picasso’s poems. This is his album number 20 in his discography.

You can book your tickets on or Don’t think about it and forget pseudo-flamenco shows in suspicious venues, addressed to trusting tourists that think they are watching a real flamenco show. The Catalunya Arte Flamenco offers real and high quality concerts in this musical genre, with acclaimed artists who are constantly reinventing this respected style that is traditionally closed to changes.

So, if you don’t want to have disappointments, book your tickets now, before you arrive here. As an alternative accommodation, rent Apartments in Barcelona, to make the most of your stay. And prepare your voice to shout the loudest ‘Olés!’ ever.

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