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New Technologies

New Technologies - modern in 2009, junk in 2010

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The new technologies are full of advantages: a clearer picture, a more involving sound, many more gadgets, more speed, efficiency, etc. But they also have one big disadvantage: its early expiry date. The new technologies are not affected by the crisis and evolve at the speed of light, but they expire too quickly. Who has not ever bought a new-generation mobile that the following month is old hat? Pay attention to what products will become obsolete in 2010!


DVDs: You have already built up an extensive DVD film library perhaps. Well soon, they’ll be a thing of the past just like the old VHS video. The same thing will happen with other players like the car radios, the CD players, etc. The USB port is gaining ground, because it can reproduce more formats, it has more capacity and what’s more important, all this in less space.

GPS: Tom Tom are literally pulling their hair out as the mobile telephones are beginning to tread on their patch…. Increasingly, the new telephone terminals include a browser among its many gadgets. This is the case of the Nokia N95, N96 or N97, which incorporate a really reliable navigation program. This is also the case of the Blackberry and the iPhone, which have become two of the top selling devices with incorporated browsers. We save some money and avoid having so many knick-knacks!

Digital cameras: Yes, it seems that digital cameras will tend to disappear. The mobiles, once again, will provide tough competition. Today, they incorporate high-quality cameras with the same amount of mega pixels as the conventional digital cameras. One of the biggest advantages of having a camera on a phone is that we always carry them with us. This way we can always capture those special moments!

The traditional mobile battery chargers: are you fed up with the need of different mobile battery chargers for each phone? The universal battery charger has finally made a guest appearance! From now it doesn’t matter the model or the brand of your phone. With this universal battery charger, your mobile will always have a full battery. And if you forget yours at home, no problem, as any friend can lend you his! Now you can get rid of the 20 different models stored in the drawer of your bedside cabinet!

Conventional laptops: say goodbye to the heavy and bulky laptops. Today’s computers tend to fuse increasingly with the mobile phones. For the lovers of the latest technologies, there is the new Apple iPad, a hybrid between a mobile and a computer. Run to clean up your closet because you will need plenty of space for the latest in high tech gadgets. What will never go out of fashion though is travelling. How about a trip to the Italian capital? Take your new generation mobile and buy your tickets now. To find that all important accommodation, why not rent apartments in Rome.

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