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Tavi Gevinson

The World According to Tavi Gevinson

Posted by paris | paris | Thursday 18 February 2010 11:43 am

Tavi who? She is the new muse of the Rodarte fashion label. She appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue, wrote a column for Pop Magazine, and got front row seats for the New York Fashion week. Even Japan goes crazy for her, as she was the guest of honour at the last Comme des Garçons party. She is the star of the fashion industry: her name is Tavi Gevinson, and she is 13 years old.


Tavi started her fashion blog, style rookie, when she was only 11 years old. Now, two years later, she has more then 1 million hits a month. Fashion journalists envy her: at the Dior Show in Paris last month, Tavi (who appeared with a big pink bow) was seated on the first row while the director of Grazia UK had to sit behind her and twittered ‘At Dior. Not best pleased to be watching couture through 13 year old Tavi’s pesky hat”. Now that’s a clear statement. Anyone can write about fashion. Anyone can predict trends for the coming season. So what is so special about this kid?

Fashion is art. But not all art is fashion. Tavi has a unique sense of style, adores the nineties and buys most of her clothes at the Salvation Army. She is more self-confident then you and I together. She doesn’t pretend to know it all, but just observes and tells us her likes and dislikes in a sassy, witty way. Her blog reads like a diary, she posts photos of herself wearing extraordinary outfits and speaks her mind. Yet some people think she is just strange and weird. But that doesn’t bother her at all. She says: “This refusal of others to try and understand why somebody dresses a certain way just makes me want to dress more obnoxiously.” She has been nominated for the Ultimate Style Game Changer Award 2010.

Ever since the Dior show, there has been a wave of criticism pouring over Tavi. She has been accused of accepting free gifts from stores, designers and company’s and in return writing about it on her blog (which is free advertising for them of course). Elle magazine doesn’t believe Tavi writes the blog herself, calling it a little ‘gimmicky’. However, Tavi is smart enough to know that is it impossible to please everyone: what matters to her is to keep her own opinion valued and pure, regardless of what other people say or think.

Man is a herd animal. We go with the flow, are afraid of standing out and being rejected by others. Be like Tavi, don’t be afraid to create your own style and dare to be different! Stroll around the vintage shops in Paris, visit the flea markets and be inspired. Rent apartments in Paris and dress like a real Parisienne.

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