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After Sex

After Sex

Posted by seville | seville | Wednesday 17 February 2010 1:01 pm

Foreplay, sex, orgasm and…well…? Most of the people think that what happens “afterwards” isn’t so important. But unfortunately they are completely wrong. Mainly during the first minutes after wild, intimate and unrestrained sex the apparently nice time together can change immediately. Whether smoking a cigarette, or eating something or just falling asleep, each one has their own typical ritual after having sex. However, the worst thing that your partner can ever ask you seriously: “So darling, how was I?”


Let’s start with some general advices for both genders. A good communication is quite right, but starting a kind of analyse of the “sexual intercourse” talking about specific details isn’t very entertaining. After all it isn’t a casting show where you will be evaluated at the end of the show. Nowadays, it’s very normal to hear that women think too much. But both partners should avoid comparing the present partner with exciting affairs in the past, one-night stands or ex lovers. Even if you think of it only secretly, you should pay attention, because we all know that facial expressions speak volumes. As well as loutish behaviour like belching or farting are absolutely prohibited. The shower can also wait half an hour, because what counts now is cuddling with your partner: hugs, kisses, sweet caresses.. That’s why foreplay AND after play exist.

And now, let’s talk about women. It’s normal that the female gender is more sensible and sensitive, but my dear ladies, you shouldn’t take it so seriously if men fall asleep too fast. The biological clock of men and women ticks in a completely different way. While HE thinks of practical things like “eating, drinking, sleeping” which is comprehensible due to the higher need for rest men require, SHE thinks more of cuddling a little bit, sweet kisses, and another one, philosophizing about god and the world. Well, that’s just not so compatible, honestly speaking. So, please, be patient. Hence a man experience a climax, a high number of the hormone oxytocin will be transmitted which explains the fast feeling of relaxation and tiredness.

And what about you my dear gentlemen? Well, we do know that it’s normal that you get tired so fast. But women as well realize exhaustive exercises, but they don’t fall asleep within seconds. So come on, make a greater effort, because if not, trouble in paradise may occur, while she thinks “Well, fantastic! He only needs me for sex…” So adapt yourself, because cuddling a little bit isn’t so difficult.

If both partners make a greater effort, the after play can be as nice and passionate as the foreplay. By the way, the famous “cigarette afterwards” has completely went out. Surprise your partner with a wonderful trip to one of the most enchanting Spanish cities. Rent the comfortable and economic apartments in Seville and enjoy some intimate hours with your partner. And don’t fall asleep so fast, do you hear me?

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