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A Giacometti more expensive than a Picasso

A Giacometti more expensive than a Picasso

Posted by paris | paris | Tuesday 16 February 2010 11:30 am

A mere €74,3 million ($104,3 million) is the value of the L’homme qui marche 1, an emblematic sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, converted since February, in the most expensive artwork ever auctioned. In 2004, a painting by Pablo Picasso, The Boy with a Pipe (The Young Apprentice), set a world record, with a price of $ 104.2 million.


In just over eight minutes, ten people tried to buy the piece of bronze of 183cm, which was finally acquired by an anonymous bidder. He was not present in the auction room, but was represented by an art expert. Some say he must be a billionaire from the Middle East or a Russian oligarch.

L’homme qui marche 1 (The man walking) was created in 1961 by the famous Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966), a sculptor of great importance in the history of modern art. A famous photograph of the Frenchman Henri Cartier-Bresson shows Giacometti in his studio walking beside this work in the same curved position.

Some of the most expensive artwork in the world are Green Car Crash by Andy Warhol ($ 71, 7 million), The Portrait of Dr. Gachet by Van Gogh ($ 82, 5 million) or The Massacre of the Innocents by Paul Rubens ($ 76.7 million).

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