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The Rome Marathon

The Rome Marathon

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The Coliseum of the ancient Rome was the venue for some traditional games such as horse races and gladiatorial combats. Today, the Coliseum has become a great monument to visit and is also the meeting point for the Rome Marathon. Thus, on the 21st of March, it will hold its 16th edition, where the athletes will run close to the Plaza of Spain, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and St. Peter’s Basilica…

The Rome Marathon

Over 11,000 professional racers prepare for this 2010 marathon, a day during which the old streets of Rome will become the centre of the largest Italian race of the year. In 2009, the men’s record was hit by Benjamin Kiptoo Koulum of Kenya, with a time of 2:07:17. And in the women’s category, Firehiwot Dado of Ethiopia, won with a time of 2:27:08.

On March 18th, 19th and 20th, you can take advantage of the concerts, the shows and the shops that will occupy the Palazzo dei Congressi specially called the “Marathon Village” for the sporting event. Discover its beautiful terrace with gardens, frescos and futuristic mosaics…

For the families, children, grandparents and friends who would also like to participate in a race, they have organized a “Fun Run” also called the “Stracittadina” – that held a record 80,000 participants in 2009. This is a non-competitive 4Km race that begins 15min after the official Marathon and ends in the ruins of the Domus Aurea Palce, the Emperor Nero’s Golden House. People with disabilities are encouraged to participate as they will receive special prizes.

Everything is planned to offer the public an unforgettable day of excitement. One must not forget that the spring time will make everything more enjoyable. As a spectator it is also an unforgettable experience: so many people running through all these architectural jewels of Italian history, just exquisite! Book a ticket and rent Apartments in Rome where a unique stay awaits you.

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