Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jerico Santander and the digital Surrealism

Jerico Santander and the digital Surrealism

Photoshop can be useful to retouch the celebrities defects, to improve the photography of a newspaper, to embellish landscapes, but first of all, it is a great tool for the creative designer Jericho Santander. This young designer was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and since he was a boy he loved drawing and computers…he now has mastered this program to create incredible illustrations. His designs, similar to the Dali’s paintings, are fantastic and colourful; they combine landscapes, animals, objects and bodies: it is truly innovative and unique.


There are people who think they are know it alls in Adobe/ Photoshop because they venture into the world of layers, colours and other options. But if they take a look at the Jerico Santander’s work, they may wonder if he really uses the same Photoshop program we common people use. His secret is his special vision and ability to make the best use of the technology: the digital art is reached to higher levels.

He says his influences are obviously Surrealists: he loves Salvador Dali’s art. In his illustrations you can find female bodies, details like fishes, birds, mouths… his work is extremely unusual and poetic at the same time; the colours lead us to a dream world created from photography, a bit of 3D, painting and various Photoshop tools. He is also fascinated with the Polish illustrator Peter Jaworowski and the English illustrator Storm Thorgerson, who have a similar vein, but less surreal.

His art is highly regarded on the Internet, he currently works in an agency in Madrid as a freelance illustrator.

We invite you to take a look at the creations of Jerico Santander, you’ll love them… If you want to meet him, the best way is to go to Madrid, where he works. You can take advantage of a wonderful stay in the Spanish capital, specially if you rent comfortable and cheap Apartments in Madrid.

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