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Gilbert & George - Provocative Art

The provocative art of Gilbert & George

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After ten years without visiting Spain, the famous Anglo-Italian artist couple is back with a new exhibition in Malaga: “Jack Freak Pictures”. They present a set of 62 works dealing with his favourite topics such as death, religion, life, hope and money, with a clear critic to the British flag. The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in Malaga offers you the opportunity to see the latest creations of Gilbert & George from February to May.

But who are Gilbert & George? The Englishman George Passmore (1942) and Italian Gilbert Proesch (1943) are two of the most original artists. They usually wear a jacket and tie and they are the “living statues” of their shows. In fact, they began making performance getting drunk in public in the 70s. Despite their provocative acts, they always maintain a serious austerity.

Even physically they look alike. Except for the physical detail, they converge at all and are never separated: they are sentimental and artistic couple whose brand is the provocation. They are concerned about the same topics: religion, sexuality, race… The CAC director, Fernando Francés, explains that it is difficult to know where it ends and where it starts their personal life and their work, since “they are closely related”.

Maybe you know them by their large collages with strong colours and silhouettes that resemble young windows, or by their groundbreaking avant-garde ideology, always provocative. Gilbert & George claim for the freedom of moral expression.

The show “Jack Freak Pictures” includes the film “The World of Gilbert & George” whose script and direction is signed by both artists. The viewer can also see a documentary called “Tim Marlow with Gilbert & George”. If you do not know them, this is the opportunity to discover them in depth because this exhibition brings together quality, quantity and novelty. The exhibition comes first to Malaga and then it will travel to six other European cities. Do not miss it and come to spend a few days in the southern Spain. For a cheap and quiet holiday, rent Apartments in Malaga.

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