It seems that age can more or less influence our mood. In fact, a study has revealed that baby-faced people live longer than those who appear older. This would mean that according to your physical appearance, you can know how long you are expected to live. That is right! After seven years of research a Danish scientist has proven so.

Baby face

Men are obsessed with the passage of time and death, when in fact the elder are just people in another form of beauty. But thanks to the British Medical Journal we now know that people who are 40 years old and appear to be 30, look younger because their cells reproduce more easily. But the explanation is not only outside, but there is also a biological factor. The more telomeres our DNA has (the telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes), the higher the reproduction of cells will be and the lower the aging will be.

Kaare Christensen, the professor from the University of Southern Denmark who led the study, adds that people who have had a harder life are more likely to die young. In addition, the face reflects the difficulty of the path of the life. But basically everything is relative and there is a chance factor which no study can truly explore.

Perhaps this news will make you laugh, because nowadays the studies focus more and more on dazzling and dubious things. If the eyes are the mirror of the soul and aging is just a phase of human life, it all has advantages and disadvantages.

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