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Sex and the Death Penalty

Sex and the Death Penalty

At this point in the XXI century, sex should be a pleasant and free practice – providing that it does not damage the physical or psychological integrity of one of the implied persons. Unfortunately, not everyone can freely enjoy sex… Many countries punish with the death penalty practices such as adultery or what it is even worse, homosexuality.


The media publishes horrific headlines reporting that X number of people have died in government hands and under the protection of the law. And what is their crime? Love? Supposedly, homosexuality is a free sexual practice amongst people of the same-gender; a sexual identity as legitimate as any other, that in no way should be punished, and much less with death. Neither should a person pay with their life for having sex outside of marriage.

Fidelity - or infidelity, is something every couple should tackle alone. Why should the government interfere? The saddest part is that in many countries not only is adultery punishable with the death penalty, but some women are even stoned to death for it. Are we really in the 21st century? Even if the adultery is the result of a violation, the woman will be stoned for it. How awful!

Sexuality is defined as the set of practices, behaviours and anatomical, physiological and emotional conditions related to seeking sexual pleasure and reproduction. The full development of sexuality is essential to the individual, the interpersonal and the social wellbeing. Therefore, it should be lived and enjoyed in a free and healthy way, with no restrictions or punishments.

But how is it possible that in certain regions of the world sexuality has regressed so much? Many past civilizations such as the ancient Greece or the ancient Rome saw homosexuality as a legitimate and common practice. Religion has played a negative role in that matter.

Let’s take a look at today’s world. In what state is the health of our sexuality? We could say that is rather delicate. While it is true that in many countries the free practice of sex is normal, so is that in many others there is still much to do… And although in many countries homosexuality is no longer punishable with death, under no circumstances do gay people have equal rights as straight people. Sex education fails in the modern world: enough repressive ideas, we want no more contradictions. Let’s fight for a free world where egalitarian rights are our goals (always based on respect towards others). Let’s fight for a free and responsible practice of sex and all that it entails.

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