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Is a temporary separation the end?

Temporary separation: the beginning of the end?

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We all know that love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. But shortly after the phase of those butterflies in your stomach, disillusionment follows. During a relationship you get to know your partner even better, and this can be positive or negative. All those little relationship problems seem to be less important at the beginning, but as the years go by, they are accumulating, kind of like a time bomb ready to explode. Exactly at this moment is when you have to act. But what should you do? Does a temporary separation really make sense? Can the old loving relationship really be saved or is keeping this distance the beginning of the end?


‘Honey, I need a break’. This could be the worst sentence you’ve ever heard in life. But each relationship and every person has their own personal ways of dealing with these situations. On one end we find couples who don’t talk at all and suppress their feelings and the extreme would be the opposite, couples screaming and throwing things at each other. However, the most important thing is to remain true to oneself and act according to what your heart and mind is telling you. A temporary separation can be very useful. Because very often you only need some time and space for thinking and therefore disconnecting from all your problems. Step by step and with distance you will be conscious about what you really want. And perhaps with a break you notice how much you truly miss your partner. But, of course, you could feel totally different. You might feel so free and much happier than you’ve ever felt in a long time.

The reasons for a potential separation vary in each case: extreme jealousy, cheating or maybe just losing the love for your partner. ‘You don’t notice this until it’s gone’. This sentence is so true. In our stressful everyday life we tend to focus on the negative characteristics of our partner, and suddenly all of the positive things are completely forgotten. So, relax a little bit, take it step by step and you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, this could either mean putting an end to your relationship or maybe just a fresh new start to it.

But a temporary separation isn’t always necessary for clearing up your heartaches. Very often some romantic holidays can solve these problems. What about some relaxing days in one of the most enchanting cities of Italy? Rent the comfortable and economic apartments in Rome and spice things up with your partner.

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