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transgenic man or superhuman

Is the transgenic man Nietzsche’s Superhuman?

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The human body is always in the process of constant biological adaptation to the changes that his impact causes to the environment around him. A small portion of the wealthy population refuses to accept these changes as innate, the so-called “biological creatures”. These beings, which also happen to be human, can easily be recognized by their outfits and the constant zigzags across the supermarket aisles devoted to reading labels (where the small print is).

transgenic man or superhuman

This generation was born out of the concern for diseases that have now invaded our world: cancer, degenerative diseases, etc … They thought they could return us to a previous state, a state in which the livelihoods, food and other products were not protected, preserved, or partially created with chemicals. It never ceases to be a utopian idea, as generation after generation have been fed in a very particular way, and have been exposed to a specific environment, that could not cease to genetically modify their organisms, therefore these diseases do not require an external cause to develop.

This small group of beings coexists with what would become, most of them anyhow, human beings who only read blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc … This makes for some more habitual readings, in more common places than a supermarket. These consumers are driven by the inertia of their own species, they eat what they want to eat when they please, and afterwards, they go to the bathroom. Their existence is pure and simple. It might seem that such people live a happier life, maybe they do, but less conscious.

Although the barrier that divides them seems unassailable, it really is not. That often happens that when there is disease, no matter if it is more or less serious. One of the less severe would be Candidiasis. This is a disease that occurs in the stomach and has several symptoms, but the only solution is to follow a strict and gruelling diet that would be aimed at purifying the organism.

It is strange to think that since the human body is constantly in flux, there are biological beings that refuse to evolve. And because of that they will soon be the ones who suffer more illnesses than the “gifted” bodies of those who are unconsciously adapted as they have developed resistance through consuming transgenic foods. In this way their bodies will not react adversely to these chemicals, but they will be incorporated as a part of their own genetic constitution, becoming then, transgenic beings.

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