Thursday, February 11, 2010

Poliniza Urban Art Festival

4th Poliniza Urban Art Festival 2010

Do you know what street art is? Some people say it is an outdoor museum, others that it is just another illegal way to express what people think. This is called graffiti.

This art was born in New York but throughout history it has been extended to many other countries and cities such as Berlin, London, Barcelona, Paris and most other major cities as well. The term graffiti comes from the Roman times and it was used for any painting that was done on a wall or fence. In 1960 this art differed from the usual painting and constituted one of the four basic elements of the hip-hop culture. In 1977 Jean-Michel Basquiat already painted the subway cars in New York and New York’s Soho walls, a neighbourhood where art galleries proliferated. The father of the Pop Art, Andy Warhol, took interest in Basquiat’s graffiti and supported his artistic career taking graffiti all over the world.

The Fourth Poliniza Urban Art Festival 2010 is going to take place in Valencia. All of those interested can see more details at: It will be in Valencia until the 28th of February. Come on, don’t miss it!
If you walk along the Valencian streets you’ll see that the city is full of wonderful graffiti. These are true works of art, especially in the old town. This is a sample of one of the most impressive works. (pon aquí la imagen de arriba) You can find it on the Roteros Street. It is called “Escif” and was painted by a famous Valencian graffiti artist who has works in many countries.

The graffiti has become so popular in Valencia that you can find advertisements where graffiti artists announce themselves to paint a wall in your house or wherever you want. But not everyone sees it as an art. There are people who see it as an act of vandalism, the municipalities in particular, who spent fortunes removing the graffiti from the walls.

To form your own opinion on this subject, I would recommend you take a vacation to Valencia. Take a peaceful walk along this beautiful city and discover this world that gives so much to talk about. Rent Apartments in Valencia to relax and perhaps see one of these wonderful works of art through your window.

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