Friday, February 19, 2010

Throw Away Society

Use Once and Throw Away Society

Posted by seville | seville | Friday 19 February 2010 11:14 am

Now that the sales are over and everyone is tired of buying stuff like crazy, it might be just the time for a little reflection and introspection.

throw away society

The things that we buy do not last, so every time we have to buy more, to replace the things that are already not usable. The question is whether this cycle is a habit that is taking roots in our society or is it just the product of an attitude. An attitude which assumes that by buying something cheaper or easier to achieve it will be better in a long term. To which the answer is clearly negative. This century, the century of the neon lights, is manufacturing more than necessary and generating more waste than it should. It is governed by the use once and throws away philosophy. But not only supplies last less, but also relationships, jobs, the rents, the friendships…

If before couples lasted an eternity, why is it so difficult now to find couples that overcome adversities together? It’s absurd to think that before people did better choices, especially because they had fewer options to meet so many people every weekend. Why do we so easily discard anything that seems useless when we want it?

It’s not that now everything is worse than before. This is just a mentality that should arise beyond the economic crisis and the ecological problems.

We want everything fast, perfect and for right now. We are creating a whimsical world. We grew in the abundance; we have not lived any war, either hunger… We are eternal adolescents who expect an answer from outside; we always look to the others and compare us with them, we do not value what we have because we can change it to something “better.” But this produces an eternal frustration. We think everybody is our enemy, instead of thinking we are all similar.

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