To increase men’s sexual desire, there is a much more natural thing than the classic blue pill (Viagra), the aphrodisiacs or the sexy lingerie. It’s something that every one of us can enjoy: the sun. It transmits vitamin D, which increases the testosterone levels and rises our energy level. Are you ready?


Incredible, isn’t it ? According to a study conducted by the British magazine Clinical Endocrinology, the male sex hormone or testosterone is higher in those men with large amounts of vitamin D. This vitamin also helps to maintain the muscle strength and the bone density.

This would explain why men are more sexual during summer. It has also concluded that August is the “hottest one” unlike March and the winter months that leave men with less sexual appetite. The vitamin can also be found in fatty fish such as salmon, trout and herring.

The only notice given by the doctor who led the study, Professor Winfried Marz, is that people have to be cautious with sun exposure, because it can be harmful. You don’t need to take your boyfriend to the beach to fry himself like a fried egg to elevate his libido because too much sun exposure may cause skin cancer.

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