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Sex and the City is back

Sex and the City is back!

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The four girls from “Sex and the City” are back with a second film. It’s been two years since Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon have made us dream and laugh on the big screen, but these women of the 21st century still continue to make our dreams come true and we now want to know what has happened since the first film.


Though the first movie was heavily criticized, the spectators from around the world could identify with their follies and concerns; it’s also a great opportunity for men to discover the feminine paranoia. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda would be our colleagues, friends and the various women who are within our body and mind. They also seem to be able to get inside the men’s minds. Again, these girls are a clear reflection of what people live today: travelling, internal conflicts, the impact of the crisis … and much more.

The American comedies usually tend to be on the extreme side because everything there is huge, from the popcorn boxes, to the skyscrapers and the human passions. Many people think that “Sex and the City 1″ was a long, boring, superficial and oppressive movie. The stories of friendships, fun, beauty, sexuality, fashion, fairy tales and princess are very trite. But, is our everyday life far away from these issues that they face in the movie? Can we consider these four creatures with high heels as an incarnation of our own dilemmas, but taken to an extreme?

The trailer begins announcing that in two years many more things than your imagination can think of may have occurred. It is a message to future viewers: life is full of surprises – good or bad! Who can resist the temptation of the comedy and dramatic situations of these four disturbed women?

The release date is May 27th in Germany, on 28th May in the U.S., on June 2nd in France, and on 4th June in Spain and Italy…

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