Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sex with the ex

Sex with the ex – sex with no strings attached

We all know the feeling, when suddenly the butterflies in the stomach are gone, your stomach churns and you fall from cloud number nine without a parachute. No matter for what reason or motives, separations from your beloved partner can be the worst thing ever. Lovesickness, heartache, fears and company can really make your life very difficult. However, after a period of crying and hurt, little by little you get back to reality. And then, some day you run into your ex and there is still this special feeling in the air. Of course, it’s very hard to resist these good vibrations: Sex with the ex – sex with no strings attached.

These days this little trip back to the past isn’t anything new. According to the latest surveys, more than 94% of men claim to flirt with the ex-girlfriend and would like to have sex with her. Almost 22% of women confess to have already had sex with the ex. All surveyed persons confirmed that they dream of spending intimate hours with their ex partner. How so? Well, it isn’t strange to long for having sex with a person who you know 100%. In the most of the cases, sex with the ex is often better than with some unknown person during a one-night stand. We already know the erogenous zones, and what the other person likes, hence you’re just a perfect team in bed.

And what’s the best thing about all this? Well, when the cards are on the table as it were, and it’s really just about sex, then a relaxed orgasm without any sense of duty will be guaranteed. All the stress of our everyday life, relationship problems, petty jealousy, conflicts and all those things which made your relation so hard, have finally disappeared. Now, it’s the pure passion and the body of the partner what is at the centre of attention. It may sound a little bit cold and macabre, but be honest: Having unrestrained sex without thinking of an “afterwards” can be really liberating!

However, the most important aspect of this little voyage into the past is that both partners know that it is just about sex. As soon as feelings become involved and one of them is still in love with the other, disaster will strike again. Communication is the be-all and end-all: A real talking-to, the cold truth and then let’s go to bed, honey.

But perhaps a separation isn’t necessary and you can solve the little crisis with your partner. A vacation far away from everyday life could be the perfect solution. What about a fantastic holiday in the most enchanting city of Hungary? Rent the comfortable and cheap apartments in Budapest and rock your relationship!

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