Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ryan McGinness Art in Madrid

Do you know who Ryan McGinness is?

Whether through his illustrations, paintings, sculptures or stickers, the art of the American Ryan McGinness is always fascinating: the visual symbols, the strong and psychedelic colours, the drawing with templates and the overlapping are his best allies. He uses a simple aesthetic that reminds us of the flyers, the Andy Warhol collages or the surf, graffiti and skate culture. In short, it’s a truly amazing work of art that you must discover. Visit it in La Casa Encendida de Madrid until April 4th.

Ryan McGinness

Ryan McGinness (1972) lives and works in New York but is originally from Virginia Beach, where he spent his childhood surrounded by the skateboarding and surfing culture. That is where he found his source of inspiration. But it was when he worked at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh that the “McGinness brand was born. Since then, his graphics have been developing until reaching a stunning setting in which the logos, the colour, the shape and the composition are the predominating elements. McGinness defines his art within the limits of abstraction and representation.

Once you have seen one of his creations, you’ll think they are perfect designs for music albums, for concert flyers… A copy of the artist’s studio will occupy the room C of La Casa Encendida, a place where he will create new art works accompanied by people interested in sharing his ideas and visual techniques. This project is designed to be like a workshop.

The admission is free; the exhibition is a gem and Madrid, a charming capital. You have no excuse to pass up this exhibition. So organize a trip to the Spanish capital and enjoy its charms. If you rent apartments in Madrid, everything will seem too good to be true.

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