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Sexting: The Art Of Flirty Text Messaging

Sexting: adolescence, sex and mobile phones

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Sexting is one of the latest fashions that have arisen during this digital age. The term comes from the fusion of the words sex and texting (sending SMS messages via mobile phones). It consists of sending erotic or images and flirty text messages via your mobile phone. This practice has become increasingly common among the adolescents throughout the world who unwittingly take serious risks that can undermine their physical, moral or moral status.


Although it is not a practice that concerns only the youth, it is true that those are the ones who most practice it, and especially the girls. What they usually do is take a naughty photo of themselves and send it to someone else: their partner or girlfriend etc, so as to fool around or just feel wanted.

If the two people who practice sexting are older and do it right, then there’s no problem. The conflict arises when these images are filtered and circulate without permission or, even worse, posted on the Internet.

In fact, in order to avoid problems, some U.S. states have made some legislative changes to avoid the possible adverse effects of sexting, because the management (production, possession or distribution) of sexually explicit images of children is considered child pornography.

Thus, this apparent juvenile game, stops being a game when the image spreads beyond their own terminal. Once the message is sent, the person completely loses control over the picture or video in question, unable to know the consequences or the final destination. If this is already worrying, the problem is even worse when the image becomes the centre of mockery and turns into a type of bullying. Jessie Logan, a 19 year old girl committed suicide after sending a naked picture of herself to her boyfriend which he then used to make fun of her with his friends. Another teenager from Florida received nude photos of his girlfriend on his mobile phone when he was 18 and she was 16. After a fight, the boy forwarded the photo to dozens of friends and relatives of the girl and was promptly convicted of child pornography. Cases like these occur with alarming frequency.

Today the privacy concept is changing rapidly due to the digital age: mobile, Internet, social networking, chat and web cams to name but a few. Therefore, sexting is expanding rapidly. Avoid it like the plague if you don’t want your privacy plasted all over the net! If you really want your boyfriend to enjoy himself, surprise him with a few relaxing days in the Italian capital. And for more privacy, rent Apartments in Rome. You’ll have a great time together!

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