Monday, February 1, 2010

Beate Uhse Erotic Museum Berlin

The Hottest European Erotic Museum in Berlin

The biggest Erotic Museum of Europe is located in the heart of Gemanys capital. In 1996 it was founded by the famous Beate Uhse, who founded the first sex shop in Germany in 1962. The museum, called The Beate Uhse Erotic Museum, is a three storey building with over 5.000 different articles of sexual pleasure chosen by Beate Uhse herself. Discover over 2000m2 – a paradise of the most beautiful things on earth.


Each year more than 300.000 guests visit this spectacular museum for discovering all those impressive objects, sculptures, asccessories, paintings and sex toys created throughout history. By the way, it´s one of the most visited museums in Berlin. Everything started with the opening of the Venus Temple in Amsterdam in 1985. From that day on, many cities around Europe founded their own erotic museums.

The Berlin Museum offers you just an impressive and unique exposition: wood carved phalluses from India, Fotos of 19th century chinese brothels, silk paintings of the 18th and 19th century, chinese porcelain of the 20th century, the Phallus of Bali, african masks of fertility, ceramics from Peru… While discovering those treasures of the world, all your senses and sexual drive will be stimulated with special slides in large format.

Futhermore, you´ll find a special area dedicated to aphrodisiacs where products from China are on show. Do you want to try some? Tibetan worms, Ginseng, tiger penis, sea horses, snails, deers, scorpions..and many more! For getting to know each detail of this museum you´ll have time until 24h midnight. On the first floor you´ll find the famous Beate Uhse Sex Shop.

Literature also enjoys a special area in this erotic museum. Important scientifical pioneers of sexology like Iwan Bloch, Albert Moll, Magnus Hirschfeld and Max Marcuse are extensively honored. Due to the wonderful work of those scientists, sex was democratized at the beginning of 20th century and with the opening of erotic museums around the world, sexual taboo subjects were dealt with more and more.

The variety of the different creatons will undoubtedly impress you and your imagination. How can you resist all these seductive and erotic topics? Chinese books about marriage guidance, Indian Kamasutra, medieval whips, phalluses made of stone, woode or metal…as you can see, it´s a really special museum. Futhermore, different expositions will transform your visit into a incredible discovery voyage

Are you already exploding out of curiosity? Discover all the interesting sex secrets in the Beate Uhse Erotic Museum. Rent the cheap and comfortable apartments in Berlin for a great stay in Germany’s capital.

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