When innovation and technology come together, stunning things might arise. Did you realize that when you sleep sideways you are damaging your breasts? Thanks to the imagination of Elisa Fernandez from Spain, you do not need to undergo surgery. The NightBra is specially designed with fabrics that do not fold, move or wrinkle. To evaluate the utility degree of this invention, let’s consider its advantages and disadvantages.


After 30 years of research, the Spanish gynaecologist Elisa Fernandez created the Nightbreed: this is a bra without cups, with materials that protect the thin skin of the breast and without overlapping the edges. This is available on the Internet for 50 or 60 euros. She has received international recognition for its tremendously innovative character. Now women no longer have to worry about the unsightly wrinkles of the neckline: they finally have an intelligent and cheap remedy.

Maybe others have not even realized they have wrinkles in their chest, especially around the neckline. These human inventions are increasingly more surreal, don’t you think?

Maybe men like its design because the breasts are exposed, but it is not particularly an erotic garment (the truth is that it is far from our idea of lingerie).

We have enough worries on our minds to go about counting the wrinkles on our face therefore spending even more money on miracle creams and becoming paranoid with our beloved body. Travel to Marrakech and enjoy the sun as never before. And sleep without worrying about your position in the comfortable and cheap Apartments in Marrakech.