Do you believe in fate? If so, you probably also believe in the power of talismans and amulets. The human being has always looked for a way of being protected from evil and attracting luck. They supposedly have apotropaic effects (effects that some superstitions or pseudo-sciences attribute to certain acts, rituals, objects or phrases to keep away or protect against the evil or to attract good luck).


The use of talismans and amulets dates back thousands of years. They first appeared as pictures or paintings, and later they became small gods and statues that man always carried in order to protect them.

Nowadays, both the amulets and the talismans are varied in shapes, sizes and materials. Many of them are closely related to the esoteric world, and all respond to two major needs and purposes: to protect against the adversities or to attract good luck. Among some of their functions are to help ourselves to find love, to increase fertility and to eliminate the evil eye, etc. There is probably one that fits perfectly in your lifestyle. They can be a gem stone, a figure or a plant, etc.

The talismans of today are objects charged with spiritual energy through a series of healing rituals. Supposedly, the talismans serve to favour the concretion of the positive desires: getting jobs, bringing harmony to the family and promoting health. Meanwhile, the amulets are used to ward off negative energies and guard against the forces of evil: envy, morbid jealousy and hatred. They also require an energy charging process that must be done according to certain rituals.

Some of the most famous objects to which “magic powers” are attributed: witches, dice, mirrors, five-pointed stars, horseshoes, four leaf clovers, magic eyes, etc. When we were kids we tended to believe more in magic than now: the mysterious and unknown fascinated us. But as grown ups some are still fascinated by paranormal phenomena. Discover an incredible world where the myths and the superstitions are more alive than ever. Rent the best Apartments in Marrakech and just enjoy the charm of this enigmatic city.