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Musical Michael Jackson Madrid

The Michael Jackson “King of Pop” Musical

On June 25th of 2009, several songs of the King of Pop were being listened to and heard through the windows of thousands of homes. The loss of the pop music symbol has saddened so many people that nobody wants to forget him and everybody want to revive him.

Musical Michael Jackson Madrid

In October, “This Is It”, a musical documentary that showed exclusive Michael Jackson rehearsing was launched in cinemas all around the world for two weeks. And the last tribute will be released on March 13th at the Lope de Vega Theatre in Madrid: the musical “Forever King of Pop”.

Forever King of Pop

A new Michael Jackson will enter the stage of the Lope de Vega Theatre in Madrid. He is one of the 400 participants selected for the casting of the future musical. The casting proposed three historical themes, ‘Thriller’, ‘Black or White’ and ‘Beat it’ but the show includes 30 songs in two acts, with 14 dancers, impersonators and 16 choristers, acting for two hours and 30 minutes. Being the star of this musical will not be easy, because imitating the king of pop is very complicated and requires great physical and vocal preparation, plus a lot of momentum, and the know how, in order to transmit the love and the magic of Michael…

Neverland in Disney Land

Another story in order to resurrect the pop legend is the creation of a theme park in Disney Land, with a museum, an art center, a golf course and 300 hotel rooms. The idea is to create a copy of his home, Neverland, his paradise, where he lived from 1988 until 2006. The Jackson phenomenon is just beginning…

Like many people, you will enjoy attending this fantastic musical on March 13th in Madrid. With the fireworks, the magic, the live orchestra and the Gospel choir, it promises to be a dazzling and unforgettable spectacle, like Michael’s were… An anecdote: the memorial of the King of Pop on July 7th 2009 brought the highest audience ever reached on TV in history, surpassing the rate of Apollo XI, with over 2.500 million viewers. Reserve your place as soon as possible for the musical and rent Apartments in Madrid, they are cheap and we guarantee you will enjoy a relaxing stay.

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