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Exciting Party Fancy Dress Costumes

The Most Exciting Party Fancy Dress Costumes

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Taking the opportunity that these days are Carnival, we are going to talk about which costumes are the most exciting and erotic among couples. It is known that sexual fantasies know no limits, and everyone lets their imagination run wild, sometimes leading to unsuspected situations. Men usually fantasize about being the ones who act in fantasy, while women prefer to imagine that somebody is doing something to them.
One of the most typical male fantasies – and also the easiest one to carry out – is to disguise their partner and do some role play.

Die erotischsten Verkleidungen

The most traditional
On top of the list of most recurrent erotic costumes, we find the sexy nurse, a classic one. Couples like this fantasy so much because the boy becomes a passive character, helpless, and it is the girl who has permission to see him naked, to touch him up and to clean his wounds…or whatever.
The sexy schoolgirl is also one of the most widely used. Women turn into a good and naïve girl, wearing a cute school uniform with a miniskirt, playing the innocent role, but with a wild side to it. Men assume an experienced teacher’s role. That is surely a turn on for them.

Over the last decade, another variety of innocent girl fantasy has come into fashion: Little Red Riding Hood’s tale. The guy plays the wicked wolf role who wants to catch the little girl, while she says something like: ‘what big teeth you have!’ and he replies: ‘all the better to eat you with!’ Imagine what goes on…
The sexy maid role, who wears a cap and uniform or the bunny girl are also very popular choices for an exciting wardrobe.

The most innovative
Recently, costumes of comic book superheroines are in big demand by couples in particular, such as the super sexy Catwoman, with a tight black dress, or Supergirl, who wears a miniskirt and a red cape.
Choose your favourite costume with your partner and go out to enjoy yourselves, in order to avoid monotony in your relationship. So, if you are thinking about a visit to the City of Canals, book an apartment in Venice and enjoy this Carnival in a funnier and more sensual way.

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