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Green Life Milan

Green Life Milan

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It is known that to improve our daily lives is very important the environment in which we live in. In this sense, there is no denying that architecture and public spaces should play an important role to create a more sustainable urban environment. This is precisely the issue of the Green Life-Costruire Città sustainability (Building Sustainable Cities) exhibition is about. It is exhibited in Milan. Here, both professionals and citizens interested in this new era of architecture will find multiple proposals on a more sustainable city that are closer to the human needs.

Green Life Milan

In the exhibition there are nine cities that have pursued policies that encourage green design and projects aimed to optimize resources and saving energy, trying to meet the demands and the needs of the citizens and at the same time, using greener materials. The cities of northern Europe are the most loyal to this philosophy of “green life”. This is the case of Hamburg, which has pledged to reduce by 40% the CO2 emissions by 2020, and Copenhagen, with the project that aims to create neighbourhood’s free of cars. Other cities with a sustainable architecture are Stockholm, Amsterdam, Freeburg, Zurich, Vienna and Salzburg.

Other star architects such as Thomas Herzog (Soka Bau building in Wiesbaden), Norman Foster (Vivaldi Towers in Amsterdam), Renzo Piano (California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco) and Richard Rogers (Galles Regional Assembly in Cardiff), also subscribed to the European Charter for Solar Energy in Architecture and Urban Planning in 1996. You also will se many other eco-sustainable constructions by pictures, drawings, and videos: the Center for Sustainable Energy, by the Italian Mario Cucinella in Ningbo (China), the Casanova neighbourhood from the Bolzano city, the Genzyme Center (Cambridge) by Stefan Behnisch, etc.

In “Green Life” you can also attend to conferences and seminars which will contain technical, cultural and informative issues. You can also combine this exciting experience with an exciting trip to an intriguing city like Milan. To do everything perfect, you only need to rent apartments in Milan.

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