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The First 3d Erotic Movie

The First 3D Erotic Film

Posted by milanblogger | milan | Wednesday 10 February 2010 11:20 am

After the crushing phenomenon of James Cameron’s “Avatar”, the most successful box office to the date, the enthusiasm for three-dimensional films is growing and growing everyday as more curious and surprising projects are being announced.


Projects such as the one Italian film-maker Tinto Brass, director of erotic films such as “Salon Kitty” (1975) or “Caligula” (1979), who recently announced he is going to shoot the first 3-D porn movie.
Brass (76 years old), has always been fascinated by eroticism, and he maintains that now is the right moment to use the 3-D format on this movie genre.

The director from Milan declared that this film will not only be the first erotic 3-D film in the world, but it will become the first Italian movie to use that technique.

Tinto Brass plans to “revisit an abandoned project about a Roman Emperor that was ruined by Americans”, suggesting that the film will be a remake of “Caligula”, his most controversial film, co-written by Gore Vidal, in which he reviewed the Roman Emperor’s depraved life. The tape was partially censured as well, and even forbidden in United Kingdom.

Are you ready to watch erotic or porn cinema in 3-D? Undoubtedly, you will have strong and thrilling sensations! Tinto Brass asserted on this respect: “If an actress holds her hand closer to the camera, the audience will have the feeling that she is touching their trousers. It’s a splendid experience”.
Perhaps with this initiative, erotic cinema re-emerges from its decadence and starts a new golden age, like it did in the 70’s.The worst thing about this 3-D matter is the awful cardboard glasses used to watch these films. Not cool at all!

So, don’t be shy, and if you are planning a visit to Milan, book an apartment in Milan and take a dare with this new and exciting experience. And go with your partner, it will be funnier!

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