Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bisexuality Berlin

The sexuality is so wide and varied that talking of heterosexuality as the only acceptable condition is, at least, ridiculous. Over the time, the homosexuality normalized in most of the modern Western societies. It is not surprising to see a couple of guys kissing in a public place. But the bisexuality is still full of stigma; even among some part of the gay community, that considered it as a not assumed homosexuality.

bisexuality berlin

Bisexuality is sexual behaviour or an orientation involving physical or romantic attraction to both males and females. There are no parameters to measure the degree of attraction that a person may feel towards people of the same sex or of the opposite: some bisexual people prefer women, another prefer men… But they can be with both genres. Or even they are some bisexual people who have different preferences according to the period of their life.

The bisexual collective complains, rightly, that has low uptake by other sexual conditions. The bisexuality is often described as passing tendency, as a vice, as an adaptation period… But never as it really is: a sexual choice as lawful as any other. Moreover, some argue that the bisexuality is related to the culture and the modern pace of life: everyone wants to try new experiences. Why not the bisexuality?

But the experts indicate that it is not a question of a concealed homosexuality, since there is a percentage of the population who needs having bisexual erotic and emotional experiences for their emotional and sexual happiness. Therefore, it is a variant of the human sexuality.

In fact, many celebrities, particularly women, have come out of the closet (if also you can call it like that), declaring openly bisexual: Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan… Other important figures who had sex with both men as with women, were Dali or Frida Kahlo.

Actually, it does not matter whether the sexual orientation of each one is… What it really matter is creating a society based on respect and the mutual understanding, where there are no differences or discrimination by the sexual preference of the people. In that Berlin is a leading city… The German capital is very tolerant and cosmopolitan. Rent Apartments in Berlin and see it by yourself.

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