Monday, February 1, 2010

Where to put those Kitschy gifts

Christmas time is over! At last the happy post-Christmas time can begin. Say “Goodbye” to the kitschy Christmas decoration, and “Welcome” to the winter version. We start strict diets for regaining our perfect body we had before the delicious Christmas dinner and we are gradually getting back to the normal daily routine. Well, that sounds more or less harmonious, right? I’m so sorry, but we’ve forgotten the main problem: the invasion of those difficult to place gifts or where to put it gifts.

The invasion of those Kitschy gifts

„Ooooooh…that’s a very special” gift! Thank you so much, aunt Marry!” Confess! You know exactly what I’m talking about. Those horrible junk gifts you receive from your distant relatives or even from good friends with “unusual” tastes. It’s exactly this taste-specific problem which the term “where-to-put-it” describes. Gifts where you only can ask yourself “Eeeeemmm…what the hell shall I do with it? And, above all, where shall I put this “thing”?” Of course, it’s better to keep these thoughts to yourself and thank the person nicely, who originally wanted to make you happy. Millions of junk gifts, and millions of questions, which can make our life harder than it already is. It even can provoke serious problems with your partner…

Don’t panic, you’re not the only person on earth who is tearing his hair out with those “where-to-put-it” gifts. It seems to be an international problem. That’s exactly why a kind of “self-help-group” in Barcelona was setup where people can talk about their “pongos” (Spanish determination for “where-to-put-it” gifts). Last February numerous affected people got to enjoy a unique and unprecedented exposition in Barcelona. Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present the….where-to-put-it exposition! Whether they are little golden angel figures, a singing ugly fish with passive infrared detector, colourful boxes in different types, or “creative” clocks in a Rocky Mountains form… you get really crazy seeing all those “special” gifts. And what is the best?

Firstly, you are not alone; secondly, to be honest, you feel quite good seeing other people with even worse gifts than you have; and thirdly, you can participate with your own “where-to-put-it”. A panel of authentic experts of junk gifts chooses the ugliest unwanted gift and awards it with a prize of 600€. This year there is planned to organize a further edition of this special festival. As you can see, you even can make big money with Aunt Mary’s present.

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