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Boosting Pants

Men risk with Boosting Pants

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Do you remember the famous Wonderbra inmortalized by top model Eva Herzigova back in the nineties? How can we forget…The most famous campaign poster was the one that showed the Czech model in a Wonderbra, gazing down at her breasts with the caption “Hello Boys”, ambiguously addressing either male admirers or her breasts. Urban myth attributed a number of car accidents to (male) drivers being distracted by the advertisements.

Boosting Pants

So now men are the ones who want to increase their ‘package’ thanks to new lunchbox-boosting pants.
The “bulge enhancing” underwear works by using a pioneering lift and holding feature on the front of the pants, which supports without squeezing, allowing for maximum comfort. Like the Wonderbra for women, this undergarment will be perfect for those men who feel inadequate about the size of their…you know…
Ok! Perfect! Leave your complexes aside, they are useless! But the answer for the next question could be worrying and disappointing: what happens once the pants come off? Maybe partners expected something…bigger. For sure, but the Wonderbra also failed to live up to men’s expectations, when they realized that neckline wasn’t so great.

At the moment, British men are the ones who are risking an anticlimax for their partners by stocking up on anatomy-boosting underpants. In fact, days before Valentine’s Day, stores like Debenhams had seen a 76 percent surge in sales. I’d rather not know if these couples are still together…but the best of all is that you can order the underpants online, in case you are too shy, and want to avoid some mocking looks.
If you are one of those who need to fill their ‘package’, you can do it for just 20 euros. Visit the beautiful Italian city, book your accommodation renting Apartments in Venice and, please, don’t forget to take your boosting pants with you. Everybody will look at you, although they won’t exactly look at your face!

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