Friday, February 5, 2010

Extreme Sports - just good fun or dangerous?

Extreme Sports - just good fun or dangerous?

Many people wonder what the people are made of who jump out of planes with parachutes or who throw themselves off a bridge with some elastic tied to their feet, etc. The truth is that extreme sports are more fashionable than ever. People are hungry for an adrenaline rush. The endless working hours, the monotony, the sedentary life all play a part. There are too many things that make our lives a string of boring and routine events so what better way to get it out of your system than with extreme sports?


Bungee jumping, kite surfing, skydiving, extreme skiing… All these disciplines are not new but they have become the latest trends! The extreme sports move record amounts of money worldwide and everyday there are more and more fans who practice them. Here are some of the most popular extreme sport practices:

Bungee Jumping: the bungee jumping consists of leaping into the void from a considerable height with rope and elastic tied to your ankles. The elasticity of the string dampens the fall and saves you from crashing into the ground! It can be practiced from a platform, from a bridge, crane and other spots. This idea originates from the village of Bunlap on the Pentecost Island, where the young boys jump from about 25m with vines tied to their feet to become an adult. These boys actually graze their heads on the ground. Incredible! Bungee Jumping was introduced in the 80s in countries like New Zealand and France, and then it spread around the globe. Today it is one of the extreme sports that has most fans.

Skydiving: the skydiving is one of the most striking risk sports. If you want some excitement, this is your sport. It consists of parachuting from a plane, helicopter or balloon. In just 10 seconds into the jump you reach almost 200 km per hour! The jumps can be made from about 3,000 metres approximately, until they reach about 760metres from the ground by which time the parachute is opened. This is not suitable for weak hearts! This sport came about because of military parachuting, but it was not until 1950 that the International Aeronautical Federation accepted it as a sport.

Kite surfing: some people say that if you practice it once, you’ll practice it forever. It is much easier than other extreme sports – though no less rewarding. To practice it you need a kite, a board, direction bar and a harness that holds you to the kite. Now you just have to get carried away by the wind and the waves, jumping several metres in height. It’s as if you were flying! Come on!

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