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Over 30 and still a virgin

Over 30 and still a virgin

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We all know that nowadays the media is almost only speaking about sex, being in love and cheating: teenagers and their first kiss, teenagers and their first petting, teenagers and their first time… But unfortunately, reality seems to be different, because the number of people over 30 who are still a virgin is incredibly high. A life without sex, kisses and cuddling is the bitter truth for most of the lonesome hearts of today’s society. But how can it be that so many people, even in an adult age, have such issues with love matters?

Over 30 and still a virgin

For most of the people, excluding all the clergymen of course, a life without sex and tenderness is unimaginable. Almost every one has already had one or more partners and normally we start with those little first love affairs at an early age. And then, there are the “others”, those who often sit in a corner and are so nice and good-hearted, but act completely insecurely. Of course, shyness is nothing bad, because there are loads of hyperactive people, who always have to be in the centre of attention. However, this special kind of person has problems to connect with other people. And here, we are not talking about finding friends, but about finding the right boyfriend or girlfriend.

There are no representative studies or surveys to provide us with more facts about this phenomenon, because the affected persons are too ashamed of telling others that they are 35 and still a virgin. This is completely understandable. But what we can say is that it doesn’t only concern a certain social class: lawyers, pilots, professors, musicians, students, unemployed…Psychologists think that certain happenings and behaviours during childhood can be the reason why we have people over 40 who are still virgins.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with adults who haven’t had sex yet. If the right moment hasn’t already occurred, there is no point in forcing it either. But the majority of the affected persons suffer from not having sexual experiences. They are unhappy and even depressive. Very often they only need to be encouraged a little bit. This is exactly why there are a lot of social groups which try to help them out. Mutual help and support is the alpha and omega for discovering sexuality step by step.

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