Thursday, February 4, 2010

Children and snow, a perfect combination

Children and snow, a perfect combination

Finally the winter has arrived! The white season forces many children to stay home because of the bad weather. Probably it the saddest season of the year until the snow comes along! From then on the winter is synonymous with joy and fun for young and old alike.


Over the years, playing in the snow with the children has become one of the most popular entertainment activities for winter. Most ski resorts have been adapted to the young ones and have activities planned specially for them – thus parents can also enjoy quiet moments alone.

Most ski resorts have enabled nurseries for the young ones (children under 2 years). Babies from four months are also catered for. Fun for the older ones among us is guaranteed! The staff goes out to play with those who are old enough and look after the smallest ones (they are highly qualified personnel that guarantee the same attention and care as you would find in a normal nursery).

For children between 3 and 5 years of age, some ski resorts have “snow gardens”. Thanks to these gardens the parents can go skiing while the children are in touch with nature and learn how to behave on the ski slopes: there they learn to slide on the snow with skis specially designed for them, to mount on the conveyors and they participate in many other funny activities. They just have a first contact with the snow!

Children who are over 5 years old can start learning to ski (the experts recommend it). For the budding snowboarders it is advisable to wait until 7. But the best time is between 8 or 9 years old, because the children learn faster and they are better qualified both physically and intellectually. There are experienced instructors who teach ski courses. And remember, that even if you are an expert skier, you may not be ready to teach your children the arts of the white sport, as you may have acquired bad habits.

Many of the slopes also have a catering service in the nurseries. How wonderful! But what do you do with the children when the ski slopes are closed? Find out if there are special parties or activities for children at the ski resort. Some shows and games are organized for children to enjoy the whole day.

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