Monday, February 22, 2010

odor budapest

Anti-cheese deodorant for men and anti-onion for women

Sometimes the studies reveal us truly amazing things… But what’s even more amazing is the kind of studies that are being conducted. For example, who thinks of conducting a study about the feminine smell of onions and the masculine smell of cheese? Would it be that there are no more interesting studies to do?

odor budapest

The sweat has been the focus of some Swiss scientists. For their research, they put 24 men and 25 women in a sauna for 15 minutes. They took samples of sweat from their armpits and the conclusion was: women smell like onions or grapes and men smell like cheese.

Why to conduct this study? They try to understand how the bodies smell in both sexes to develop efficient deodorants. It is true that when someone needs a new deodorant, he/she changes it in hope to find the magic one that has it all: covers the odours, the perspiration, that leaves no white spots, that lasts 24 hours, that has a pleasant smell…

But there is a problem: this study may not be valid outside of Switzerland. The scientists explain that with other diet and different genes, the results can be altered. Switzerland will definitely be the most neutral country in the world: it won’t have any smell!

If you think this study is not very interesting, it might be for other people, who gave their bodies to the science and survive thanks to the money they charged for being guinea pigs. You should know that although they seem very Strange studies, they have a very clear objective: the money. It is not just a question of deodorant.

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