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What to visit in Lisbon

Do you trust the Internet as if it were the Bible?
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Every day we search, copy and share information extracted of the largest world encyclopaedia: the Internet. Point for: the network means the democratization of the information, a great accessibility and, above all, the ability to participate in the creation of a collective database. The Wikis are a system that allow anyone to add or change information in Internet. But this phenomenon is limited: it is not 100% reliable. Internet can cheat us, so we have to redouble the attention.


A development that benefits everybody

The creation of the Internet supposes a tremendous contribution to the world population. We do not have only a real life, but also a virtual one: we can find whatever interests us, share experiences and passions with strangers, expand our general knowledge, discover new horizons, and so on. In the professional field, it is also a useful resource. This is a world of great possibilities.

But there is something negative in all this: there is no reliability assurance. Internet is the gateway of the fantasies, the imagination and the lies. You can talk with a friend who happens to be a total stranger, you can read things that are totally wrong and even you can cheat and lie to other people.

The story of a cheat

Another danger that generates the Internet is the transmission of personal data. A few months ago, I tried to sell a camera through a site. A man who lived in London answered telling me he needed this camera as soon as possible because it was a present for his daughter who lives in Nigeria, a graduation gift. He was very friendly, very precise and very polite. As I received many emails with bank justifications, I trusted him. I sent the package with a note and tried to pay the shipping costs – very high to send something to Nigeria… Luckily, I talked about this to a friend who recognized the scam and the shipping company told me that the shipment could not proceed without a photocopy of my passport. Fortunately, finally I did not lose 600 euros.

Now that I think about it, the lack of security was obvious… I never called him and I had a strong suspicion against such courtesy and hurry. But I trusted and I wanted to sell the camera… And of course, the guy did not further contact me at my silence. The final lesson is that the Internet is a temptation: it looks good, but may contain poison. Be careful! The positive thing in all of this is that we can rethink our way of receiving information and we develop our critical spirit.

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