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Spring Poetry Paris

The Printemps des Poètes - Spring Poetry in Paris

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Poetry is the most complex literary art… But maybe that mysterious dimension is precisely what fascinates us and makes us dream. Writing, reading or listening to poems reminds us of our childhood at school, but the poetry is not only in the classroom, but also in the steets and now it is all around Paris … The Printemps des Poètes (the Spring of the Poets) began in the Women’s Day on March 8, 2010 and will end during the global day of poetry, on March 21st. The land of Ronsard, Hugo, Rimbaud, Verlaine, and many others is awaits you.

printemps des poètes paris

The diffusion of poetry

Over the past eleven editions, the event has been enriched in shows, recitals, plays and meetings that allows the spread of poetry in different ways. For example, there exists an inventory of original initiatives to share the love for the poetry: as “poetic fine” that consists in leaving a poem in a car, poetry reading in the dark under an umbrella, hanging lines in giant panels around the city, to start the class by reading a poem or to practice the bookcrossing (to read a book and once you finish it put it in a public place where someone else can discover it and leave it again when he/she finishes it). There are so many fun ways to appreciate poetry and to make it alive!

The 2010 edition will have as guests the Turkish poets Azad Ziya Eren and Lale Muldur, along with some Russians poets, in honour of the France and Russia Year and the Turkish Station. You can also participate, if you like poetry, if you write it or if you want to learn more about it and enjoy the event. You’ll find great figures or poetry lovers like you with whom you can share your personal and literary experiences, inspire you, participate in the contests or attending to readings and literary workshops. The whole city becomes a giant poem.

Topic: women

What would poetry be without love and women? Muses, lovers, confidants, comforting and writers, women will be the main theme of the Printemps des Poets. A special tribute should be given to the French poet born in Egypt, Andree Chedid, whose work focuses on a reflection on the human condition. Another interesting detail is the exhibition of some 30 poems about hope, the body and nature, illustrated by artists and designers. Then, women affected by HIV virus in Swaziland, a country where one in four people are sick and do not make it pass 30, will embroider the poems.

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