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Orient Express Seville

Crossing Europe on the Orient Express

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Imagine travelling 3186 kilometres in three days on board of a luxury coach, seeing huge colourful landscapes and mountains, from Paris to Istanbul. Travel on the Orient Express is a unique, romantic and unforgettable experience for your eyes. We invite you to change the airplane for the train to discover Europe in a new magical way. This experience is nothing like anything else you might have done.


A very special evasion
In its origins in 1883, the most famous train of the world travelled from Paris to Romania, passing through Strasbourg, Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest. When they built the Simplon Tunnel in 1906, the train became known as the Venice Simplon Orient Express, and over the time it has been adding new routes: from London, Venice, Prague or Paris. This is a two to six day trip aboard one of the trains 17 wagons that are set in the 1920s style.

The Orient-Express has a long history and reputation: with its sofa-bed, a piano-bar car, and its delicious French cuisine, the luxury is assured: Agatha Christie, Paul Valéry, Guillaume Apollinaire and other celebrities and politicians have travelled or have been inspired on board this train. It also has butlers and its restaurant has an exquisite French menu! But the most luxurious of all lies in the magic of being in constant movement across the European territory, writing, listening to music, meeting people. It has a unique charm!

Travelling in train across Europe
If you fancy a train journey, note that Europe has many more trains and routes: the Trans-Siberian, linking Vladivostok (a city which means “power on East”) with Mongolia since 1904. It is the longest train journey in the world (8 days) and crosses seven different time zones.

The Trans-Cantábrico Train will take you across northern Spain from San Sebastián or León to Santiago de Compostela while overlooking the Biscay Bay. This train also has excellent Mediterranean food on board. If you want an overview of southern Spain ride on the Al Andalus Train and stop off in Seville. To find the best accommodation in the city rent apartments in Seville and enjoy your stay.

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