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Bullfight in Ronda

Eric Fischl shows ‘Bullfight in Ronda’ in the CAC Malaga

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Though it is true that the bullfighting has as many detractors as followers around the world, it is also true that when the bulls are transferred to the art world, nobody has anything to object… Quite the contrary! The first solo exhibition of one of the most important figurative American painters of the second half of S. XX has finally come to Spain. Eric Fischl is presenting an exhibition called ‘Bullfight in Ronda with watercolours and large paintings in the CAC Malaga.


The New York painter was inspired by a run on the Goyesca de Ronda Bullring in 2007. In fact, this exhibition summarizes many of the keys of his painting. Today, Fischl is the most quoted figurative painter in the American market.

The show includes a total of ten works where the artist reveals how he understands bullfighting through paint. In the paintings the backlights in the bullfighters stand out and only he provides a single emotion to contemporary painting.

Fischl’s unconformist character has his works take him to new ways of experimentation, so nobody was surprised when the artist got stunted before the bullfight in the Goyesca in 2007, with an incredible line-up that counted with the Rivera Ordóñez brothers, Francisco and Cayetano, and with the Colombian bullfighter César Rincón. That was how the painter ventured to draw on the world of bullfighting, so far unknown to him.
His paintings are closer to photographic frames than to predictable and balanced compositions. In ‘Bullfight in Ronda’ the figures can appear blurred or bullfighters may cross in front of the main figure.

To recreate the bullring, he selects a viewpoint where he sets the characters, preventing the development of a landscape. Fischl, besides a painter, is also a sculptor and a photographer. Discover this versatile artist at the CAC Malaga until April 4th. Andalusia awaits you in a festive atmosphere, because the Semana Santa is coming closer. Immerse yourself in the warmth of its people and rent Apartments in Malaga to discover the perfect accommodation.

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